Boutique Home Preparation

Because of our desire to develop long lasting relationship with our clients, we are pleased to offer boutique home preparation services, including pressure washing, garden preparation, and home watching services.

For individuals, couples, and families who want a high level of personal oversight and care for their homes, contact Bristol Bay Development for a custom quote. Imagine entrusting your home into the hands of professional builders during the summer months and experiencing personalized preparation when you come home to Naples, Bonita Springs, or Fort Myers for winter. Leave your home under the watchful eye of people who truly care.

Services include:

  • Pressure Washing. Picture a beautifully kept lanai, porch, driveway, and exterior home façade waiting for you when you arrive to town. Regular exterior pressure washing is essential to preserve exterior home appearance, extend the life of your pavers or concrete, and keep bugs and mold away from your home.
  • Garden Preparation. Imagine walking into your home after being away for the summer and seeing beautifully arranged flower pots and garden areas. Let us prepare your garden and flower pots for when you arrive! Give us a call, and all you need to do is tell us the types of flowers you like – we do the rest!
  • Home watching and Seasonal Opening/Closing. Leave your home in the hands of a professional general contracting team. Bristol Bay has the capacity to address any issues that may arise while you are away quickly and efficiently.