Building Consultants in Naples

Bristol Bay Development has building consultants in Naples who are ready and willing to work with you to design your dream home. For over 30 years, we have worked with home owners to turn their simple house into an elegant palace where they can enjoy their amenities. Our professionals can remodel the interior and exterior of your house so that it can match the image of the perfect abode that you have in your mind. We use only high quality materials to ensure that your vision lasts. Whether it is remodeling one area of your home or redesigning the whole thing, our building consultants in Naples are ready for the job.

In the past, our customers have remodeled their bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms to make them more livable. The kitchen is a common area where friends and family come together to eat and chat about their week. At times, this room can seem small and you may feel claustrophobic. You may have wondered how you can go about expanding the area so that you do not have to kick your family and guests out, but you do not know which way to expand without shrinking the size of your house. We can help you figure out the best way to do this.

Our building consultants in Naples can also redesign your rooms so that they do not look so worn. At times, people discover that what they originally loved about their home has now become dated. Most people are looking to modernize their appliances, install sleek utilities, and redesign the overall look and feel of their house. Bathrooms are normally the first places that get a deteriorated appearance. The tiles may be cracked, the shower may be too small for your growing children, and the light fixtures may look dated. Bristol Bay Development’s building consultants in Naples can turn this tattered room into a chic, sleek bathroom.

It is natural for a family to grow throughout the years, leaving your home feeling small and cramped. The last thing you want to do is force your children to share rooms. This will only cause more fights and give you a ginormous headache. So instead of feeling frustrated and deflated, expand your home by adding a third bedroom or convert the garage into a bedroom. If you have a teenager that is complaining about privacy, build an efficiency that is attached to the house so that they can have their privacy without being completely isolated from the rest of the family. Or maybe you want to redesign your own bedroom. You may have a beautiful view that you can only see through a window. Convert that into a sliding door and add a balcony. Or you may need more closet space. Convert your small closet into a walk-in closet. Whatever your desire is, our building consultants in Naples can handle the task.

Do not feel as though you have to live in the same tired home you originally bought. The home you bought five years ago is bound to become dated and shabby. No matter how many times you try to change the décor, the style will still be the same. Do not get rid of the great location you have just because you want a fresh start, allow us to build you a new home in the same location. If you have a big backyard they can even change the size of your house. Whatever it is that is bothering you about your current house, our building consultants in Naples can help you achieve your vision. Call (239) 949-4022 to speak to one of our professionals.